What is Permadeath? Permadeath is a self-enforced style of play that adds additional risk to MMO play, in this case, [Dungeons and Dragons Online]. In it's most canonical form, the idea is that any character that suffers death that cannot be raised by another character in-game, is permanent.

What does Permadeath mean?Edit

Permadeath (aka PD) means that any character that dies, stays dead. By "dead" that means he either is deleted, or leaves the guild.

What makes a guild a Permadeath Guild?Edit

Due to the nature of permadeath, players following a permadeath rule set will often find themselves at a distinct disadvantage to regular players. As a result, these players normally group together and do not group outside of a permadeath guild. There are many different permadeath guilds, and some allow grouping with other permadeath guilds, but rarely with non-PD players.

Why play Permadeath?Edit

The general idea behind it is that the game as delivered doesn't deliver sufficient risk to make the experience enjoyable. Only by facing significant potential loss do they experience enjoyment in defeating the content. In the case of DDO, many players that have a PnP background often enjoy permadeath since it more closely mirrors that experience.

How does Permadeath work in Dungeons and Dragons Online?Edit

DDO is uniquely suited to Permadeath play for several reasons. All adventure areas are instanced, isolating PD players from those that are not. In DDO, there are practically infinite character progression possibilities. That makes rolling a new character interesting even if that character does the same quests as the last. Most importantly, many DDO players are ex or current Dungeons and Dragons players. Those players are familiar with the challenge of potential character loss.

How many Permadeath guilds are in DDO?Edit

There is at least one public PD guild on every DDO server. Check the Permadeath Guilds page.

Does every Permadeath guild use the same rules?Edit

No. Although some rules may be similar, every PD guild has variations. Players should familiarize themselves with a particular rule set prior to play.

Does Permadeath mean re-running the harbor quests constantly?Edit

This is up to the player and the guild. Many guilds limit the number of repeated runs of a quest to prevent players from avoiding death by keeping the challenge level low. As a result, some players die and re-run the harbor a lot. Others quickly progress to higher level quests. For Permadeath players, high level content is an accomplishment, not a given.

How high can I level in Permadeath?Edit

Contrary to popular belief, high level characters are quite possible in PD guilds. While it's true that many PD characters die before hitting 7 or 8, many players have accumulated enough XP to be as high as level sixteen.

Thanks goes to the PD guild Mortal Voyage for much of the info in this FAQ.