Server: Gallandra

Approx. Size: 30 members

Founded: unknown

Guild Leader: KG Wiking

Highest Level PD Character: 11


Mission Statement Edit

The mission of this guild is to:

  1. Offer a challenging perma-death style of play to the DDO community that emulates the pen and paper style which made D&D famous.
  2. Offer a place that emphasizes a cooperative style and the use of classic Pen and Paper strategy and tactics in a friendly environment.
  3. Advance in level and run challenging quests by using the skill of the players within the guild and not rely upon the economic structure of Stormreach

Rules Edit

Max Join Level: 2

Vendor Use: only non-magic

Favor Use: allowed

Auction House: not allowed

Rest Shrines: 1/encounter

Rez Shrines: no

Hirelings: no

Heirloom Items: yes

Corpse Looting: 1 item